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I think one of the hardest things about divorce is the belief that we are no longer in a meaningful relationship. Feeling detached and alone is not a good feeling.

But if we think we won't ever be happy until we are in a romantic relationship again, we are wrong! As a matter of fact, I believe one of the most important things to learn from our single days is just how healing it can feel to be unattached for awhile, as well as to realize how significant non-romantic relationships can be.

That’s where church membership and active participation comes in.

Being called as a Cub Scout committee member or to be part of a presidency or a quorum, or even to teach a Primary class, grants us regular opportunity to go hang out with others. When you take an attitude of good-humor and open-mindedness to a meeting, and invest time chatting and enjoying those around you, you will find yourself majorly satisfied on a social, emotional, and often spiritual level. Magnifying your calling, no matter what your calling is, when you are single can be a very emotionally satisfying experience.

Are you lonely? Go do your visiting or home teaching! There are few opportunities more fulfilling than sitting in someone’s home and talking with them. It’s simple, but it’s true! It’s easy to come away feeling enriched and contented after visiting with another ward member—humans need to connect with each other to feel anchored and comfortable with life.

As members of the church there are many relationships that can feel supportive and validating. There is no reason to be alone or feel passed over when you are an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! So go to your meetings, talk to the folks next to you, hang around afterwards and don’t rush off; linger a little longer and see what happens!

A romantic relationship, though wonderful, is definitely not required in order to feel balanced and whole while healing from divorce.


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