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Ken and I spent a large part of our Saturday helping four single adult sisters in our ward move to new locations. They had all rented a home together, which worked well for several months, but it was time for each of them to move on.

Lifting boxes and hefting their personal belongings into the back of their several different cars, as well as into U-Hauls that had been acquired for the day, offered me a chance to reflect on how much I adore each of these terrific ladies.

Their personalities are all so different from one another: one is rather quiet and shy but possesses a sense of humor that tickles my funny-bone; another sweet woman is so vivacious and full of love you can feel it from a block away! The sister I know best is solid and sensible with a testimony that is steadfast and immovable. And the last one served faithfully as our Relief Society president for more than three years and is leaving to marry a wonderful priesthood holder.

How I love these women! Their presence in our ward has imbued our ranks with an open and honest sense of the realities of life; they have granted our ward a spirit of courage and faith despite the obvious challenges they have faced. They've shown us that you can serve wholeheartedly, and with love, even when your personal life has taken unexpected turns. They have demonstrated that the gospel can still work for you even when life is unfair.

So, on this Sabbath morning, though my back is aching from the lifting, I count it a small price to pay for the privilege of knowing some of the best women on the planet. Thank you, Friends, for being you!

Kelly Ward

Thank you for this. It has brought to mind a question that I have been struggling with for a while and I now realize that I have been asking the wrong question to get the answer I seek. More importantly I think that I now know the right question(s) to ask.

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