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I’ve been shuffling this little paper around on my desk for about three weeks. On one side of it is a hand scribbled note. In quotes. But I can’t find who said it.

Anyway, the note reads:

"Rock bottom became the sure foundation on which I built the rest of my life."

That sentence tells a whole story.

But we hear it all the time, you know. How it took someone hitting "rock bottom" before they were humble enough to turn to the Lord and place their life in His hands.

And when we place ourselves in His hands, He makes more of us than we could ever make of ourselves.

For many people, getting divorced places them at rock bottom. Emotionally, spiritually and physically we can find ourselves at our lowest place ever. I know during my divorce process I felt as though all the wind was taken from my sails with no gales in the foreseeable future. I was devastated.

But that's exactly where the Lord wanted me to be. Because that's when I started letting go of all the distractions that had gotten in the way in the past and I began listening to Him. Really listening.

As a matter of fact, I not only listened, but I obeyed! If He told me to do it, I did it. One day in particular He told me not to do something that I was completely bent on doing. It took a lot of courage to do His will, but in obeying His command---looking back---I was spared a terrible and unnecessary tragedy.

So, what I've learned is: rock bottom can work for you! And I mean you! If you've hit rock bottom today, turn to the Lord. Let Him carry you.

You'll love the destination!



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