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Ken and I hosted the awesome Single Adults in our ward last Monday night for FHE--I gave the lesson. I chose to review Benjamin De Hoyos April 2011 conference talk entitled: Called to Be Saints.

In his address, Elder De Hoyos makes a wonderful point when he says that the church bears the Savior's name, Jesus Christ, as it should, but that the title also references--and thus honors--the members of the church, too--the Latter-day Saints.

Saints. That is how the Lord sees us! That is what He wants us to become.

He holds the bar high, doesn't He?

I don't know if divorce has had the same effect upon you as it did me, but when I became single after being married for several years, I didn't feel much like a saint. Not that I hadn't lived a worthy life; I just felt like there were too many failures in my life.

But after the dust began settling, I realized that being divorced offered me a great opportunity.

In a way, my slate had been wiped clean. Divorce began to inspire in me a renewed desire to repent, to forgive, and to move forward. I found myself wanting to be an even better person than I'd ever been before. I even began to realize that goodness might be better defined for my children, family and friends, as they watched me face my trials.

As members of the church--as Latter-day Saints--we can make a lasting, loving difference in many minds and hearts when we simply desire to make a positive difference and try harder to be good despite the challenges we face. Often, because of the challenges we face.

If you have been called to be a single, divorced member of the church at this time in your life, remember you are still a saint--a Saint with a responsibility.

So keep your halo shiny!


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