He Loves Us More Than Tongue Can Tell!

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Going through divorce can leave a person doubting their worth.

Because the process of divorce can feel like an amputation without anesthesia, it's not uncommon that a person might be left feeling emotionally shattered and physically spent. But it can be even more complex than that!

Losing your sense of personal value, through the course of a marriage break-up, is another result of divorce, though one that not everyone anticipates. Divorce generates a lot of negativity that can lead to a sincere questioning as to who you really are.

To garner the vim and vigor to move forward and begin a new life, you must identify and embrace your personal worth.

I liked the analogy used in general conference some time ago. Someone described the woman who likened herself to a twenty dollar bill. "I may be wadded-up, torn, and used, but I'm still worth $20!" she said.

And such it is with us. We are born with value (far more than $20, by the way!), but then life happens. We get used, dropped, lost or stolen (or so it might feel, at times). It can be easy to forget our real value. But a torn and ragged twenty dollar bill holds every bit as much value as a crisp, new one.

Though we might feel worthless, we still have value. Great value!

The Lord knows your value. He loves you more than tongue can tell--and don't you forget it!


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