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I've had a very sick little grandson in Denver and have spent two weeks there to help support my daughter and her family while he was in the children's hospital in Aurora. He's improved now and returning home, so as the dust settles things should get back to normal.

Just a note of caution, however: Our little three year-old was diagnosed with Kawasaki's Disease. As a result, his little heart has an aneurysm that will require medication for the remainder of his life. It's a terrible sorrow for him and our family, but the worst part of it is that the doctors are saying there is a strange link--that they can't figure out--between children under five years of age that contract Kawasaki's Disease and having your carpets cleaned.

If you have children under 5 years of age, do not allow them to play on carpets that are still damp from shampooing.

More divorce blogs later....

Elizabeth Hulett

My thoughts and prayers are with you!! My cousin contracted Kawasaki's as a toddler. She has been through a few heart transplants now and is in college at BYU. she never ceases to amaze!! I wish you and your family the comfort, health, and guidance needed at this time. Hugs!!

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