When the Gospel Doesn't Seem to Make a Difference

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This is a tough subject.

Sometimes it seems that divorce happens in marriages despite great diligence at living gospel principles. Church is attended, FHE is conducted, family prayers are offered night and morning; and regular scripture study is happening as a family and as individuals. Not to mention that tithing, home and/or visiting teaching, and temple attendance have been faithfully performed.

Some members of the Church may find it hard to imagine, but divorce can occur even when these wonderful, helpful tools are devotedly implemented.

I believe that two worthy people can marry each other with the best of intentions, in the right place and in the right manner, having prayed and fasted that their decision to marry is the Lord’s will, only still to have that union end in divorce.

But why? Isn’t one of the reasons we live the gospel is so we can be spared the negative issues in the world, such as divorce? Don't we adhere to these truths so we won't suffer the same difficulties that others, who don't or won't live the gospel, experience?

(More in a day or two...)


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