When the Gospel Doesn't Seem to Make a Difference--part 3

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I’ve often thought of a marriage as a bridge, of sorts, and of each spouse in the marriage as pillars that hold the marriage up. If one partner chooses to relinquish his best efforts at living the gospel it can cause the bridge to collapse, no matter how strong and determined the other pillar is.

Over a sustained period of time, when the choices of one partner result in hopeless circumstances that devastate their spouse or children’s self-respect, and make it difficult, if not impossible to live the gospel, I have observed that divorce can happen. In the April Ensign of 2007, James E. Faust stated, “In my opinion, “just cause” for divorce should be nothing less serious than a prolonged and apparently irredeemable relationship that destroy a person’s dignity as a human being.”

Living and teaching the gospel precepts is the best way to promote a healthy, happy and balanced marriage relationship. But when one or both spouses relinquish conscientious effort in carrying the weight of a mature, healthy marriage, going through the motions of living the gospel cannot shore up the union forever. This statement is not meant to be a permission slip for divorce--that is a personal decision each individual must make with the Lord. But perhaps these thoughts can serve as a reminder to struggling marriage partners of the ill effects of insensitive choices, and of the critical value and importance of sincere, pure, and honest gospel performance.

These observations are also meant to console and provide answers to the suffering hearts of all the single members of the Church who have been faithful in their observance to gospel principles, and yet find themselves divorced. As they contemplate why their marriages failed, I hope these words bring love, comfort, understanding, relief, and forgiveness; particularly as the gospel continues to be lived and taught valiantly in their homes.




This makes sense. Where is Pres. Faust's talk? Name? Spring or Fall? I'd love to read it. Thanks.


Thank you for your comments. As I sit and wait for my divorce to be finalized, I'm thankful to know others who have walked before me on this path. As devastating as it is, I feel myself healing - but ever so slowly. This is the first time in my life that I have slowed down... And it's hard. Thank you for your blog and the courage to uplift the rest of us!!

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