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It happens to everyone--single or not--that life seems to crash down all at once. That might be good news to those who are on their own and have a sense that bad things only happen to you when you’re without a partner! That’s not true. Challenges definitely come to everyone--married or not. Sometimes facing the challenges with a partner can actually complicate problems even further.

So partnered-up or not, challenges will come. And sometimes they threaten to overwhelm us. But there are solutions to be found during times such as these.

The older I get, the more I cannot deny the healing powers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just living our religion offers the built-in means by which we are nurtured and encouraged--and sometimes carried—through the trials and tribulations of life.

For example: think of how fundamental a commandment it is to attend church on Sunday. That directive is so clear that even a Sunbeam can easily understand it! So why is it very common, when we find ourselves hurt and frustrated, to stop attending church? Even as much as I love church, and have always been active, when I feel overloaded with care, and Sunday morning arrives, I still find it difficult to ‘get up’ so I can ‘show up’.

But I always do.

And do you know what? I’m never sorry I attended! When I go to church trusting, and expecting, that I will be nourished by the good word of God, I am never disappointed. I find answers to prayers in the messages of the speakers (even when the talk is given by a twelve year old deacon…); I discover solutions to my problems; and I’m often reminded of an attitude I posses or a train of thought I’ve allowed to go unacknowledged, that if I repent of, I will find immediate joy and peace.

And that’s just what happens when I attend church.

All of the other gospel mandates provide a similar effect, whether it is seeking answers in humility as I study the scriptures and pray each day; do my visiting teaching or magnify my church assignment; even simply choosing to listen to the Tabernacle choir on Sunday afternoon rather than watching Youtube on my Ipad grants me a greater ability to feel the spirit.

So my counsel today is to remember that when life gets tough, add more holiness to your life. You will find the yoke much easier.


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