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Divorce brings out the worst in people most of the time. I guess that's one reason why the Lord hates it (Malachi 2:6).

Even when you've given diligent effort to following the Savior and choosing the straight and narrow path--there's just something that happens to your ability to compose and restrain yourself when someone you once loved and trusted, becomes a foe.

Kind of like trying to stay pleasant and chipper while you're being stung by a bee; it's just too much to expect!

But here is a thought to consider:

Rather than give in to the tendency to lower yourself to your accusers level, take confidence and courage in the fact that you know the Lord sees your situation and wants to make it right again. Whether that means staying in a difficult situation for a while allowing time for repentance and healing, or if it means staying long enough for a witness to be established that abusive behaviors will not subside.

Either way, you are in the right and the Lord is on your side.

Whether the period of time we are talking about is short or long, that is for you to determine with the Lord. No one else can make a judgement about whether you left too early or stayed too long.

Stay close to the Lord during times of trial so you know what He is saying to you. That's the good news about troubling times, they can draw you closer to your Father in Heaven--and I dare say that is one of the main reasons He allows problems in our life.

Just remember: No one expects another person to stay in a harmful, detrimental marriage. Even Heavenly Father.

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