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Well, we're finally in Cambodia! 

What an amazing and beautiful world - different in many respects from the good ol USA, but awesome and wonderful in it's own exotic way. Ken and I will be here for two years teaching and training in the family history department.

Before our arrival, of course, we spent two weeks in the MTC. It was fun! Meeting other newly called missionaries, old and young, was probably the best part. And a super huge eye opener for me, because of the thirty or so senior couples that we met, many of us shared a common experience.


No kidding. As we would be sitting around in the cafeteria between classes, we'd start visiting and sharing our backgrounds, and as soon as I mentioned that I had been divorced and that Ken and I were married later in life, an extraordinary number of our new friends confided that they had experienced divorce, too.

I shouldn't be surprised, I guess, since 50% of the church's adult population are single members; but somehow I never imagined that they eventually remarry and often go on to serve The Lord full time on missions. Why should that surprise me? It's what's happened for me!

Even today, after writing a bio for Ken and I that will appear on the area family history website, we received a response from our local advisor saying that she and her husband had both been divorced and had married each other ten years ago, like us. Clearly, they are accomplishing some worthy goals together.

Divorce can be the beginning of great and new horizons. Just a point of interest I thought you might find encouraging! 

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