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Since we arrived in the mission field, Ken and I have focused our energies on the work to do in Cambodia. It has been a remarkable and meaningful six months. How can you find words to describe what it's like to place your life in God's hands and, every day, simply do the next step in what He wants to accomplish?


I know, I know! We should live ALL our days that way whether we are on a mission or not. But somehow when you are on a full time mission, you carry a greater sense that your time is not your own, that you are an instrument and have an extra special duty to keep the communication lines clear so He can tell you where to go and who to talk to. It is wonderful. It is not easy, but it is wonderful.


Having stayed so focused since arriving, I have not devoted a lot of time to blogging. But Ken and I had a conversation with a young sister missionary yesterday that touched us and had us thinking and talking for the rest of the day. I'd like to share with you what she said.


She told us about her decision to go on a mission and mentioned that it wasn't until she prayed with "full purpose of heart and real intent" before the Lord was able to reach her. Up until then, she had not felt like a mission was something she wanted to do - and she felt good about that - so when she prayed about it (as her parents requested she do), she prayed that she would know that the decision 'not to go' was correct.


But the Lord had a different plan!


Because she wasn't getting an answer, she decided to pray to know His will. That's when the spiritual flow of communication really started!


When she prayed that her heart would be softened so she could accept any answer from the Lord, He was able to speak to her heart. She told us that is how she learned what 'real intent' means. And that is how she gained a strong desire to come on a mission.


Real intent is not only pouring out your heart for a good desire that you think is right, but includes an open mind to accept the Lord's will. The words "Thy will be done" are probably the four most powerful words in any language. Those words can open the floodgates of commpunication between us and our Father. Only when we truly offer an open heart and mind to God can He speak to us and use us in His own powerful ways.


How does all this relate to divorce?


I wonder sometimes if we become so entrenched in what we believe is right, in what we think should happen as it relates to divorce, that we close our minds to the reality that, in some cases, divorce may be the best answer. Divorce may be a blessing in disguise. Divorce may be the path the Lord knows can bring us to a better place of greater happiness and progression. 


If you are struggling with an unwanted divorce, I hope that you will NOT stop praying for a reconciliation. But I also hope that you will be humble enough to lay it all before the Lord and tell Him that, more than anything else, you really want Him to take the reigns and lead you to where He wants you to be. 


Whatever the outcome, I know He has a perfect plan for you.

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