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Welcome to 2010! The New Year is such a great time to pause and evaluate, consider the possibilities, and begin again to create the life you want to enjoy when you have transitioned from being married to being divorced.

I like that about life! What a wonderful thing that you can stop in your tracks and make the decision to reinvent yourself and your circumstances. That is one advantage being divorced offers. Easy? Not always, but the fact that we can begin again, and again, is evidenced by the reoccurring sun as it dawns each day.

On this first day on 2010, I hope you'll spend some time in contemplation about what life after divorce can look like for you (and your children, if they are present in your life); and then forecast what you'd like to see happen this year.

The sky's the limit, too! I've always been encouraged by the myriad scriptures in the Standard Works that admonish us to "ask". When we ask in righteousness, with real intent, and take the Lord by the hand--we can't go wrong. "Ask not amiss," then go forward with faith and make it happen!

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Divorced and full of fret and regret, I found my 'Reason for Living' on the internet. Now, my life is lots of fun, married in Portland, Oregon.

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