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I was thinking today of the many references we hear regarding life, such as: "Anything worthwhile is never easily achieved," "No one said it would be easy--only worth it," and "Life is hard work--and hard work hurts!"

It doesn't sound very encouraging, does it? Especially when you're already going through something difficult, such as adjusting to divorce.

But don't let it get you down....

It's been my observation for many years that even good transitions take some adjustment. Simply because you are transitioning from being married to being divorced and life is uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it isn’t right, or best, or won’t feel peaceful given a little time. Just keep moving forward in faith...I promise you, the best is yet to be!

Becky Rose

I just found you through a link on the LDS Midsingles of the World FB page. I've been legally divorced for a year- no kids, had to leave the state to get a way. Marriage was short- 17 months. My counselor back home told me to find a divorce support group. The only one I heard back from was a Nazarene church. It was OK, but they used bought video resources. For them it was great, but it took me a while to realize why it wasn't great for me. I'm used to 3 hours of church, of sharing my life with women and men at church. I'm used to advice about marriage, etc. And they wanted us to type something up. I shared stuff from the BOM- that didn't go over and gave me away. The church as nothing like this. I wish I would of found you earlier.

Patricia Stow

I have now been divorced officially for 11 years and approx 2 weeks my kids leaving the church it still doesn't get easier but it can certainly be interesting. After 2 very partial attempts at new relationships, two interstate moves within four years and have been looking for fulltime work for three and half years, I am now doing study for a totally different career path. I decided two and half years ago not to actively pursue any relationship with men expect friendship. And it was only about two years ago that I realised that men and women can be just friends and made it a goal to make as many men friends I could possibly make. For a very long time I was lost and felt the Holy Ghost had desserted me. But all of the sudden I found myself in a much happier place. I cant say everything is wonderful. I k ow that job but I feel amazing that everything is in Heavenly Fathers hands and what will be will be. :-)

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