How About Adding Holiness to our Lives?

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As someone who has been through divorce, and as I think about new beginnings and how I want to improve myself, I've been compelled to ponder the value and importance of adding more spirituality--holiness, if you will--to my life; especially now that I have remarried.

When I was divorced, as well as now, I found it particularly helpful when I spent more time consciously turning on Mormon Tabernacle CD's and picking up the scriptures and other good books written my apostles and general authorities, rather than watching TV or whatever. Particularly when you face divorce with children, it is good to want that spiritual influence more and more...

And since I have been thinking about holiness a lot lately, and "what we focus on grows", it doesn't surprise me that I recently found this great article about just that--adding holiness to our lives.

The author of this talk, Wendy Watson Nelson, wife of Elder Russell M. Nelson, suggests that the same degree of obedience that we applied to our lives to cling to the truths of the gospel, ten years ago, is not enough anymore because of the increase of wickedness in the world. She goes on to say that the time and effort we applied even a year ago isn't enough today.

I agree. At least I know that, whether married or divorced, as I follow the promptings to add more spirituality to my life, I feel peace. And that is a miracle in this crazy world.

Check out Sister Nelson's talk, I think you'll enjoy it: Becoming Holy Amid the Increasing Turmoil

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