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Today I read the phrase: "What we are feeling leads us to what we experience." It struck me how true that is! We already know that what we continually think about--for good or for evil--creates what happens for us. If we feel passionately about building a strong family, we will get it. If we worry about being ill all the time, it will come to us.

Even when things are seemingly out of our control, in the end, it is really how we process and interpret those occurances--how we handle what happens to us--that results in the type and quality of our life.

Apply those principles to divorce and we realize that we are in the drivers seat as to what the eventual outcome can be. We can either allow it to depress and defeat us, becoming bitter and resentful, or we can  use divorce as a launching point for a wonderful turning point.

As we look for advice on transitioning from being married to divorced, and begin to consider ways to cope with divorce, I challenge you to think of the blessings of your experience rather than the negative impacts and start today to create a fabulous future.

Remember what Earl Nightingale said, "You become what you think about." So true!

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