Diggin' Up Old Garbage

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I was reviewing a journal entry from October conference 2006 and remembered the talk given by Elder Shane Boen. Do you remember it? He described the city of Idaho Falls and the fact that beautiful parks and a useful airport are all built on top of a former sanitary landfill.

Then he posed the question-why would anyone want to dig up old garbage? Their's or anybody else's? Why destroy something new and beautifully built?

And yet we do that when we make a habit of revisiting past wrongs--ours and others.

When we repent and begin rebuilding our lives, the Lord blots out our sins. The process cleans, reclaims, and sanctifies. No crime exempted. God's forgiveness is a miracle.

As we cope with divorce and try to rebuild our lives, don't look back, don't dig up old garbage. Move forward and build something beautiful and let others do the same.

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