How Do Great Things Come?

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That is a good question--especially when you are divorced and trying to carve out a future for yourself!

To answer the question, "How do great things come?" I have been told that the best solutions are very simple and are typically right in front of us. So, based on my experience, I would say, "Start with gratitude."

When life is overwhelming and you feel knee-deep in trouble, start counting your blessings. It may sound a little Pollyanna-ish, but truly, gratitude shifts our focus off lack and scarcity, which in turn empowers us and draws us closer to God. Only in partnering with God can we ever hope to build anything great.

If ingratitude offends God (D&C 59:21), then it would seem that our gratitude would be a virtue the Lord particularly delights in!

So, start where you are--right now--by looking around and counting your many blessings and then thank the Lord for what you have. This is when truly great things can start happening! Just watch!


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