If You Could See the End From the Beginning

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I've always loved the phrase, "If you could see the end from the beginning," for good reason.

As the tale goes, twenty-eight years ago, when I was freshly processing the news that my little baby had cerebral palsy the spirit whispered, as I lay crying in my bed, "If you could see the end from the beginining, you wouldn't be crying right now!" In that instant, my awareness was raised to the Lord's level, and for a few brief, shining moments I felt, keenly, the Lord's hand in our life, as well as His perfect plan for my baby boy.

Since that time I have never doubted that when the Lord wants to send a special message to us, He can---and will.

The revelation that came to me in that experience was pretty specific to that situation, but the phrase, "If you could see the end from the beginning" is one that applies to many circumstances.

How do these thoughts relate to you and your divorce?

Well, if you could see the end from the beginning, you wouldn't be crying right now either. If you truly understood that the Lord always knew you would "come to the place where thou art at this time" (D&C 6:14), and that He, indeed, has a perfect plan for your life...you would not waste a moment in tears.

Embrace your recovery from divorce and move forward in faith!

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