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When I was recovering from divorce and considering remarriage, I remember making the decision that I didn't want to marry someone who needed to be converted to the ways of the Lord. I wanted someone who was already worthy to go to the temple...and who held the priesthood...and performed a church calling.

The first hour I met Ken, as we sat across from each other and I was mentally trying to determine the character of the man, I had a fleeting impression of how it would feel to sit across from him if he was my bishop. It was a very comforting feeling and immediately set the foundation for my opinion of him.

Nearly seven years later, now looking back, I'm so grateful I chose to marry a man that was already converted and one whom I knew the Lord could trust.

Making the decision ahead of time allowed me to not succomb to my emotions, nor settle for someone less than I deserved. I'm glad I didn't make a mistake that might have robbed me of the blessings I was entitled to.

I hope you'll do the same. The wonderful life you'll enjoy is worth waiting for.

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