Pretending Not to Know

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I read an article a few years ago about things people pretend not to know.

You know, like pretending not to know that you left the store without paying for something, or that you took credit for an idea that wasn't really yours, or that something bad you did wasn't your fault.

Not facing up to our faults and mistakes leaves us weak and vulnerable--like chinks in our armour of integrity.

While you go through the process of divorce, be sure not to fall into the trap of pretending not to know that your choices and behavior may be affecting you or others in a negative way.

For example: don't pretend that you didn't know your words offended someone, or that you are being unfair to someone who has trusted you, or that your habits are having a hurtful impact on yourself or others.

Tomorrow I'll talk about how to counter the tendancy to pretend that we don't know. Stay tuned!

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