5 Tips on Surviving Divorce

Helpful Ideas from Salli

By Salli

Journal your thoughts and feelings: The best way to process your intense emotional feelings, quickly, is by writing them down. Get all that negative emotion out so it doesn’t eat you up, and then snap the book closed and be done with it! Studies show that people who write about their issues are more composed, at peace, and find solutions faster than those who don’t.

  1. Set a date: Getting divorced can feel like being in a car wreck—for awhile it’s all you can talk about. But don’t make the mistake of talking incessantly about your troubles with others. Even your closest friends will quickly tire of hearing your story. Early on, set a date, and when that date comes, be prepared with a short and sweet explanation when the subject of your divorce comes up and don’t deviate. Don’t use others as your psychoanalyst.

  2. Act with integrity: Especially, be at your best as you interact with your former spouse. Don’t let your ex decide how you will respond, no matter how badly they may behave toward you. Set a standard of behavior that will allow you to surf the confusion, chaos, and ill-will that often prevails during a divorce. You’ll be a better person for it!

  3. Become your own best friend: When you find you’re single again, don’t jump into a romantic involvement. Get comfortable with yourself, first, by going out to dinner and a movie alone. Learn to enjoy your own company and, as you become your new best friend, then and only then will you be prepared to be a suitable companion to another.

  4. Do something for someone else: It may feel like you’re the only one in the world with troubles, during your divorce, but obviously that’s not true. Look around for someone else whose challenges are bigger than your own and do something to help them out. The fastest, surest way to put your problems into perspective is to focus on lending someone else a hand.


Where's the 5th tip?


It was journaling before clicking "read more"...there are 5 the numbering is just off

Susan Palmer

This is good information. I wish I had known this earlier.

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