Pretending Not to Know-part 2

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When we face divorce with its associated troubles, pretending not to know something becomes far too easy.

Since "pretending not to know" inhibits character growth and keeps us stuck, here are some thoughts to consider on how to change:

  • heighten your commitment to being honest with yourself
  • pay more attention to your thoughts; resist the temptation to pretend or ignore
  • ask yourself: "What am I pretending not to know?"
  • admit what you are trying to hide from yourself; face the truth, then set to correct unfinished business


Facing our foibles is far less painful than the consequences of pretending not to know. Move forward from where you're at and be willing to see youself as others see you. Even the harshest critics may possess an element of truth.

Remember what Uncle Moe said in "Clicking on a Miracle" : "Move forward, the best is yet to be!" Great days can open for you if you're willing to stop pretending not to know. Do some healthy self-examination today so you can begin to carve out a wonderful future!



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