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A wonderful exercise that you can begin as you face divorce and the opportunity to build a new life, is to ponder what it might mean to begin letting go--just a bit more than you ever have before--of things of a worldly nature.

In general conference of November 2007, Elder Bruce D. Porter said: "When we yield to the Lord, the attractions of the world simply lose their luster."

I'll take some liberties here to say that the contrary is also true: If we yield to the world, the attractions of the Lord cease to inspire us.

As you face divorce and begin to create something new and fresh with your life, consider letting go of habits, attitudes, or occupations that have kept you distanced from your Father in Heaven. As you replace them with spiritual substitutions, you will find the distance between you and the Lord narrowing.

As an example: on Sunday morning, rather than listening to the music you would normally listen to, listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and see what happens. (Try this, for instance: Consider the Lilies)

When His ways become more familiar and natural to us, they will also become more delicious!

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