Is There Really A Perfect Match Out There?

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One of our readers asked this question the other day.

The answer is---YES!

But remember, as is true with all of earthlife, perfection is relative..First ask yourself these questions when you are considering remarriage:

Can a garden be "perfect" despite a few weeds? Does it grow spontaneously or are attentive gardners requisite? Are you willing to value and appreciate unexpected sprouts you weren't anticipating? Do you have the patience to allow all sprouts to grow for awhile, without plucking them, to be sure you don't pluck up something that might end up being a pleasant surprise addition?

My experience has taught me that some marriages are easier than others, but is it because my partner is different or is it because I've learned from my mistakes? Probably a bit of both!

When starting the search for a new companion--know that "your future is as bright as your faith". If you expect sunny dawns, you will find them. If you expect only trouble and a lot of hassle, don't get married because that's exactly what you'll get!

Once you've decided you want to move forward with someone, don't look back. Dance as though no one is watching and throw yourself into your new marriage! Expect and focus on the best--and that is just what you'll receive.

Will there be hiccups and knockholes alone the way? Absolutely! Listen and learn, stay humble and meek, forgive and repent, and keep moving forward with faith. You can't go wrong.

Can a new marriage fail? Yes, unfortunately; just don't let it fail because YOU weren't willing to try hard. And trust that it IS better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Just don't be hasty; marriage is sacred and should be considered with prayer and fasting. What did someone say once? Go into a relationship with your eyes wide open; after marriage it might be best, at times, to keep your eyes half shut! By that I mean do not criticize and take issue with every difference that may arise.

Take first things first, keep the commandments, and don't settle for someone who isn't temple worthy and wants to attend with you. Period. They will be there when the time is right for you to marry.

Let's keep talking about this...

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