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I knew a lady once who said that she and her husband were a perfect match. As I observed them over the course of several months, I couldn't help notice how different they were from each other: she was active, liked to be involved with lots of people, enjoyed trying new things, and talked a lot!

Her husband, on the other hand, seemed retiring, introverted, and more prone to putzing around the house. He seemed to draw his energy and enthusiasm for life by being alone to read, ponder, write, etc.

So, I began to wonder how they could ever get along with each other since they were so different; and I questioned how the wife could describe them as a "perfect match".

But over the years, a few key characteristics they possess as a couple seemed to stand out.

First of all, they seemed to genuinely respect each other. They even took it to the next level: they seemed to truly value the differeces between them. She appreciated his steady, easy-going manner. And he loved and admired the fun and spontaneity she brought to their marriage.

From what I could observe, as long as they prized each others distinctive qualities and treasured their unique diversity, they were both better and more enriched people. He grounded her and she gave him wings.

Rather like puzzle pieces. They weren't the same shape, but they fit together perfectly!

So, I guess the moral is: when you are looking for your "perfect match", open your thoughts to characteristics in someone else that you may not possess, but which inspire you. And then remember, as the years go by, just why you fell in love with your loved one!


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