First Stage of Divorce Grief

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"The first stage of divorce grief is denial. In this stage, your mind basically refuses to accept what is happening. Denial is very common and occurs when our mind is presented with contradictory information from what be believe. The key here is to not be fooled. You want to cultivate rigorous honesty with yourself, get real and accept reality as it really is without fear and unrealistic expectations. The pitfall to be aware of is that many people stay in a state of denial too long. Making this mistake will result in disappointment, unhappiness, and wasted life, as you will have chosen to stay stuck instead of moving on."

Stay tuned tomorrow for "The Second Stage of Divorce Grief".


Been there!


My former husband has stayed stuck for ten years. Married and divorced several times since we were divorced. It's not that he has denied that we were getting divorced, but its more that he denies that he has problems and that have kept him playing out the same mistakes over and over and over. Really sad.

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