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"A second aspect of the divorce grieving process is anger. By the time the subject of divorce has come up, there have probably been many instances of frustration and sources of anger in your marriage. Anger can be an edgy subject, however, it's key that you process your anger in a healthy manner if you want to heal the pain and create a happy, new life. Don't bury it as that will only make you bitter, interfere with your recovery and can lead to depression. To deal with your feelings of anger in a healthy manner, you want to embrace the anger, fully feel it and then express the emotional charge appropriately. It is important to not express the anger in a destructive way or to take it out on anyone in an unhealthy manner. Doing so just creates a bigger mess for you and causes unnecessary harm. Some healthy ways to properly express anger include hitting pillows, yelling into pillows, journaling, shouting alone in nature, hitting a punching bag, or enlisting someone you know to hold space for you while you vent and cuss."

Or cry!    : )

Tommorrow I will share the third stage of divorce grief from Divorce Support Groups Blog.

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