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"The emotional haywire you are experiencing is being triggered by present events and it is important to maintain awareness that your old emotional wounds and pain from your past are being reactivated as well. You might as well view your divorce recovery as a significant opportunity to emotionally purge because healing the pain and moving on with your life pretty much depends on it. To the degree that you resist or negatively judge feeling the emotions arising and moving throughout your experience, the more you complicate your recovery. It may feel so intense that you question if you will survive these emotions, however, that's when you embrace the sensation fully and know that you will. Because you will survive them. The secret is to surrender (not resist) to your emotional experience. All you are doing is noticing the arising emotion, accepting that it exists in that moment, and allowing your body to feel it. This is not a time to think. It's a time to feel the sensation in your body while you choose to be with the emotional experience."

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My name is Salli.

Divorced and full of fret and regret, I found my 'Reason for Living' on the internet. Now, my life is lots of fun, married in Portland, Oregon.

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