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Whew! Glad we got all that divorce toxicity out of our system!

I hope you've benefited by the DivorceSupportGroupsBlog.com material that I've been quoting from for the past several days. I think they make some pretty good points about releasing emotional negativity as you journey through the divorce process.

But today my mind is somewhere else...

Today I'm thinking more along the lines of trusting the Lord as we face divorce. Especially if you are someone who has always tried to do the best you know how to do. Do you trust that He will will "guide your future as He has the past" as you face your divorce challenges? Even if you haven't always tried to do your best, if today you want to, He will help.

So begin! As you face divorce and find that many of your days are filled with hurt and frustration, do the best you know how to do--even if there are those who disagree with you. Ignore the negativity because its all a matter of perspective many times and not everyone is on the same page.

As long as you are guided by that "spirit that leadeth to do good" you are on the right path. Remember, not all of us are on the same errand in life.

Just be open to learning wisdom and expect to find it in unexpected places!

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