Justice Isn't Always What is Best

"That's not fair!" “I was treated unjustly!” “The circumstances are unreasonable!” “The verdict was undeserved!” We know much about the essential merits of “justice” and “fairness”.  In an ideal world, justice rewards obedience and righteousness, "And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated" (D&C 130:21, see also D&C 82:10). Conversely, justice requires punitive consequences ... read more

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5 Tips on Surviving Divorce

By Salli Journal your thoughts and feelings: The best way to process your intense emotional feelings, quickly, is by writing them down. Get all that negative emotion out so it doesn’t eat you up, and then snap the book closed and be done with it! Studies show that people who write about their issues are more composed, at peace, and find solutions faster than those who don’t. Set a date: Getting divorced can feel like being in a car wreck—for awhile it’s all you can talk about. ... read more

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101 Things That Helped When I was Divorced

 By Salli    1. Prayer; on my knees night and morning and in my heart all day long.   2. A home teacher willing to give me well prepared lessons each month.   3. The $100 bill someone left in an envelope under my doormat.   4. Practicing the piano whenever I felt sad.   5. Swimming.   6. A fresh coat of wall paint.   7. A kind phone call asking, “What happened?”   8. A care basket from my ward family at Christmas.   9. Ordering... read more

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Dear Friend

  Dear Friend, I hope that things are going well for you and your children. What you are going through is so hard, especially when it requires a lifestyle change. No one likes situations that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but trust that you will have what it takes to do everything that will be required of you. Also, recognize your greatest blessings can come out of situations that you don't necessarily want to deal with. These will be your clouds with silver linings. Make sur... read more

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Keeping Covenants in the Face of Adversity

By Salli Challenges come into everyone’s life.  Sometimes trial seems to overwhelm us but problems can act as stepping stones in our progression to become like our Heavenly Father.  As the beautiful old LDS hymn “Come Ye Disconsolate” teaches, “Earth has no sorrow that Heav’n can not heal.”  The Lord has provided numerous ways for us to keep our covenants and endure well as life’s difficulties swirl around us. Three important points to remember as ... read more

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Twill Safely Guide Us Through

 By Salli Some things are so simple. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  “Put your seatbelt on before you start the engine.” “Turn off the beaters before you lift them from the batter.” (Insert smiley face here!) There are many key factors that can make life easier, safer, and more secure; as well as save us lots of trouble, if we do them regularly. We wouldn’t dream of getting out of a car before it stops, that seems obvious; and yet we often end ... read more

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Gaining Wisdom Through Divorce

  When you face divorce you also face a lot of existential questions: Why am I here? Where am I going? What is the meaning of life? From my own divorce days, I recall doubting every aspect of who I was. I questioned my past achievements and wondered if there had been ever been any purpose or meaning in my life. I remember doubting my judgment, my capacity...even my sanity. All of that is pretty normal, part of the shock of the divorce experience, I suppose. I found that trusting pat... read more

CATEGORIES: Helpful Ideas from Salli


My name is Salli.

Divorced and full of fret and regret, I found my 'Reason for Living' on the internet. Now, my life is lots of fun, married in Portland, Oregon.

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